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My Story


My name is Amy and I'm the proud owner of AurA Hair and Beauty. Along with the runnings of a business, I am a mum to two girls and an advanced hair stylist with certification for being a balayage specialist. I have many years of experience in the hair and beauty industry and trained under the wonder June Stoker and training college Michael John.
There have been many skills I have picked up along the way as a creative, from colour specialist programs to business education, team leading, business development, customer service, coaching & mentoring, hair extensions, and bridal hair.- and I'm still growing my skills in a profession I adore, not only to develop myself in the industry but also to help my growing team.


 For many years I dreamt of being self employed-owning a salon and helping others to achieve.

The dream wasn't to have just any old salon. It was a salon that is a safe space, a form of comfort, a community and friendships; somewhere that I could facilitate helping others grow and develop into successful stylists.



October 2017 was when I decided that enough was enough - no more playing small and leading a life less than I desired.  A single mum of two children working part-time in a salon and traveling - doing mobile hair to make ends meet - I made the scary and exciting decision to become self-employed by renting a chair within a beauty boutique - Adore You.

I chased my dreams, turning them into reality. I entered the world of self-employment, organically gaining and reaching out to existing clients in only three days before opening! 
I'd made the leap, and now the work started - and a year and a half later I would take over the building and create my own salon business. It was the birth of Aura Hair and Beauty! 



Without sounding cliche I hope, AurA is so much bigger than a business. 
I'm proud to have created a welcoming space for people to come and have their hair styled, offering a friendly ear (and the occasional prosecco) in the process. Our reviews make me feel so proud as these are a reflection of how people feel. not only about their hair but on an emotional level, too!



AurA has grown exponentially over the years and I'm thrilled to say that we have so many plans, as a team that we are all working towards. 

So far we have updated our entire booking system, making it streamlined and easy to navigate for our customers who are able to be in charge of their own bookings should the need arise.
The salon has had some renovations to create the ambiance of a home-from-home where our clients love to have a lovely latte, cappuccino, or hot chocolate and have a good chat.

We are looking to collaborate with local businesses that are all about empowering others.
Our Bridal team will be expanding across the next two years where we will be focussing on growing a Bridal brand. These are just to name a few, as you can see we are a very positive and driven team of hair and beauty creatives, with children, and since COVID-19 closures, nothing will hold us back!

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