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My Story


My name is Amy-Louise Trevor. I'm an advanced hair stylist and salon owner; with many years of experience within the hair and beauty industry.

 For many years I have dreamt of being self employed-owning a salon and helping others to achieve.

The dream wasn't to have just any old salon. It was a salon that is a safe space, a form of comfort, friendships and somewhere that I could facilitate helping others grow and develop a successful business of their own!

Over the years I have gained numerous qualifications: Hairdressing level 3, colour correction, hair extensions, team leading, business development, customer service, coaching & mentoring - and I'm still growing my skills in a profession I adore, not only to develop myself in the industry but also to help my growing team.




October 2017 was when I decided that enough was enough - no more playing small and leading a life less than I desired.  A single mum of two children working part-time in a salon and travelling - doing mobile hair to make ends meet - I made the scary and exciting decision to become self-employed by renting a chair within a beauty boutique - Adore You.

I chased my dreams, turning them into reality. I entered the world of self-employment, organically gaining and reaching out to existing clients in only three days before opening! 
I'd made the leap, now the work really started - and a year and a half later I would take over the building and create my own salon business. It was the birth of AurA Hair and Beauty! 



Without sounding cliche I hope, AurA is so much bigger than a business. 
I'm proud to have created a welcoming space for people to come and have their hair styled, offering a friendly ear (and the occasional prosecco) in the process.


Our team is growing, individuals becoming independent and growing their successful businesses within an establishment that encourages confidence,  individuality and self-empowerment.


We are quite an exciting and diverse team:

Our young stylist Ella is proving to be an amazing stylist,

Sarah is Aura's first employed hairstylist and is an advanced, award-winning professional who is literally amazing at blonde hair work!

Lizzie, a self-employed MUA, nail technician and beautician. 
So! We've recently expanded the salon, we're introducing new products and services, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and guidelines, along with Bridal hair and make-up creating individual styles for our Brides and her guests. All go! 

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