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Salon Guidelines

Please read through the guidelines given. These are taken from the HM Government guidelines, amended and used in view of what will work and be applied within the salon.

We have carried out a risk assessment within the salon and all necessary precautions have been applied. Evidence of such will be shown in salon and across social media, showing that we have taken this very seriously to ensure all safety of staff and clients.

  • A sanitizing station will be set up outside or just within the entrance of the salon. Please ensure you use what is available to you.

  • Stylists and clients are declared fit to attend the appointment. If unwell and/or presenting any Covid19-related symptoms such as a cough, temperature or loss of smell/taste, they should not attend, cancel the appointment and isolate.

  • Clients are to sign a declaration of being fit and well to their knowledge.

  • We must social distance ourselves, keeping a distance of 2metres where possible. The salon is set up to do so and you’ll be guided where necessary.

  • Please bring your own refreshments and your own reading material (hot drinks and books cannot be offered).

  • Any clothing, such as coats/cardigans/jumpers, must be bagged before you enter the salon and kept close by you to avoid any possible contamination.

  • Face masks should be worn by clients upon entering to protect both staff and other members of the public (masks may be supplied or bring your own).

  • Payments must be card or BACS. Preferably No cash.

  • Attend your appointment by yourself where possible. If you need any assistance, your stylist will come to greet you.

  • Family bookings and bubbles will be discussed upon booking. These appointments will be at the end of the day to avoid exposure to other clients who may be in salon with another stylist.

  • Dry cuts will not be offered. Clean hair washed on site only (a possible extra charge may be applied if you have the style blown or finished). This is to ensure that all aspects of Hygiene are covered.

  • Clients with children should supervise responsibly at all times, following the same social distancing guidelines.

  • Please arrive on time to your scheduled appointment to avoid over lapping as your appointment may have to be re-arranged.

  • Before your appointment please send a text message of your arrival before entering the salon. This will ensure that we are ready to receive you during our clean down processes. 
    Once we are ready and received your text, we will respond or a stylist will collect you from the front of the salon. Alternatively please wait at the entrance.

  • Upon entering the salon, you will be guided to the left of the salon for your hair wash, exiting to the right and be seated for your service.

  • Both rooms will be used with careful set up. to adhere to distance guidelines. 

  • Refrain from walking around the salon once seated, keeping social distance of 2 metres if needing to stretch.

  • Refrain from touching products; ask your stylist for further information.

  • The salon will be ventilated as often as possible.

  • There will be PPE for all stylists and disposable gowns for clients.

  • Stylists have opted for a visor for optimal safety. While we are wearing a visor at your service, it is not necessary for you to wear a face mask unless you prefer. This is from HM Government guidance information.
    We ask that you enter wearing a mask or face covering to maintain safety measures before you sign the declaration form.

  • A protective screen will separate the back wash area which is sneeze protected to contain any respiratory droplets.

  • For longer services such as colour treatments, you will be seated in a space that is 2 metre distanced. You do not need to wear a mask but must maintain the social distance - HM Government guided.

It is important that you follow the guidelines listed to protect all staff and clients and, importantly, the more vulnerable. We appreciate salon life will be a little different to what we are all used to, but we wish to uphold our standards and comply with regulations.
Anyone who refuses to comply - wear a mask as stated and follow the guidelines - may not be booked, refused entrance or, in the worst cases, asked to leave. I am sure you can understand the importance of these guidelines; if anyone has any further suggestions I’d be happy to discuss and possibly apply.

FINALLY- for your reassurances regarding staff

  • Will wear appropriate PPE provided by salon owner

  • Keep to designated work areas

  • Clean down work stations, equipment and tools after each appointment

  • Stagger work hours/days/times where we can

  • Social distance where able

  • Take card payments or BACS only

  • Bookings are made online by individual stylists

  • Assess individual needs of self and clients plus make decisions for everyone’s safety, but please be responsible for your own

  • Monitor own health and not attend work if unwell

  • Maintain high levels of personal hygiene

  • Re-stock products outside of working hours

  • Newly washed work clothes every day. If public transport has been used, a change of clothes will be made in the salon.

    Thank you for reading, we will look forward to seeing you soon. 

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